Hi, I’m Alfie

imageHi, I’m Alfie. I’m Emma’s friend’s new kitten, but not the same friend as Timmy’s human. The foster kittens made Emma’s friends want to get kittens! Anyway, I’m a 12 week old black and white tuxedo kitten from Pets In Need. I’m a very enegetic kitten, but when I’m not feeling energetic, I like sleeping in my Peaches box (A box with the word “peaches” on it that used to contain peaches) and on Mommy’s* lap. For some reason, there’s a floppy pink cat (a stuffed animal) that tries to attack me, so naturally I fight back. I’m very brave. I also like playing with my blue squouse (stuffed animal that is a mouse with squid tentacles). Uh oh, the pink cat’s on the move. Gotta go!

*Alfie seems to have accepted my friend as his mom.

I would include a video of Alfie and the pink stuffed animal, but it gives out too much personal information. Just imagine Alfie puffing up his fur and laying his ears back as the the pink cat moves towards him. 😉