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It’s March 6, which means it’s TIGER AND SNOWBOOTS’S BIRTHDAY!!!! Everyone is so excited, especially as it happens to fall on the same day as a family member!  Anyway, Tiger and Boots are 2 years old!!!! I can’t believe it’s been that long since they were little 8 week old kittens, when we got them. And to celebrate this special day, we are buying them a special kind of Fancy Feast with little bits of cheese in it that they LOVE!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The heart-shaped pizza

The heart-shaped pizza

Hi, Emma here. I just wanted to wish everyone out there a happy Valentine’s Day! Tiger and Snowboots thought Valentine’s Day would put Chloe in a loving mood. They were wrong.  But they weren’t too upset about that. Every year, I prepare a special dinner for Valentine’s Day. This year, I made a heart-shaped pizza. It was delicious, and I think Tiger and Snowboots agreed. They got to eat the leftover cheese. (They like cheese! Lol, right?) Check out my channel on YouTube for an adorable video of Tiger eating cheese. Anyway, happy Velentine’s Day from Tiger, Snowboots, Chloe, and me!


Merry Christmas!

Boots, last Christmas

Boots, last Christmas

Tiger: I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I’m so excited.

Snowboots: Me too.

Tiger: You don’t sound very excited. Is it because of what happened last year?

Snowboots: Do not bring that up!

Tiger: Fine. At least we got new toys last year. And we will this year too!

Snowboots: That’s true. Maybe I’ll get more of those white fish treats! We’re almost out, it’s getting serious.

Tiger: Maybe we’ll get more of the chicken treats too!

The Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree.

Snowboots: Meh. I don’t really like the chicken ones.

Tiger: I heard Emma saying that you’re getting a new collar for Christmas.

Snowboots: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger: What do you expect when you keep losing your collar?

Snowboots: I don’t know. Anyway, I hope we get a new toy for Christmas.

Tiger: Me too. Remember that red dot that moves around?

Snowboots: Yeah, I loved that thing before it broke.

Tiger: I hope we get another one since the old one broke.

Snowboots: Yeah. Oh, I can’t wait!

Tiger: Merry Christmas, Snowboots.

Snowboots: Merry Christmas, Tiger.


Facty Friday and Meowtasticly Cute

Hi, Emma (the owner of Tiger, Snowboots, and Chloe) here. I wanted to say that I’ve decided to make some changes with Facty Friday and Meowtasticly Cute. Facty Friday will now be posted on whichever Friday I feel like. Meowtasticly Cute will now be posted on whichever day I want.

Thanks for listening,


Happy Thanksgiving!

Me cuddling near Thanksgiving time.

Me cuddling near Thanksgiving time.

Hi, Chloe here. I know most of the time Tiger and Snowboots blog, but I’m getting into the holiday spirit. It’s getting really cold outside so I’m staying in and cuddling a lot, so I thought I’d blog cause I’m inside a lot more than I usually am. Anyway, I can’t believe Thanksgiving past without us cats getting any turkey! I mean, come on! How can we not get any turkey on Thankgiving?! Tiger and Snowboots feel the same way. I hate agreeing with them on something, but how can I not

Emma's favorite food, treacle pudding.

Emma’s favorite food, treacle pudding.

agree with them on this? Even Emma got to have her favorite food, treacle pudding.

Anyway, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


P.S. Tiger here. At least Chloe warms up to us in the cold season. 🙂

Tiger and Chloe near Thanksgiving time.

Tiger and Chloe near Thanksgiving time.

Happy Halloween!

Tiger in front of the Halloween decorations.

Tiger in front of the Halloween decorations.

Tiger: Halloween’s so scary.

Snowboots: I know.

Tiger: Why do people have wierd things on their heads and bodies on Halloween? It’s so scary!

Snowboots: I know! Everything’s so different and what’s the deal with how the humans dress?

Tiger: Remember last Halloween? And that girl in the sparkly pink dress?

Snowboots: Yeah*. And no matter how hard it is to tell who’s who on Halloween, that was definitely not Emma!

Tiger: Yup. At least this year Emma didn’t have a party like last year*. Now that was terrifying!

Snowboots: Totally! I hope next year isn’t too bad.

Tiger: Me too.

*Scared shiver

Happy Birthday, Ace!

I got a birthday hat! I refuse to wear it.

I got a birthday hat! I refuse to wear it.

Guess what!? I’m Ace and Wednesday, October 1st, was my birthday! You may remember me from my previous guest appearence in which you learned all about me.

I turned nine. My humans even got me a birthday hat! I refuse to wear it. I am getting into the birthday spirit, but the hat’s a little much for me. But I don’t want to give it no attention. No no no. I must say, the tip made quite a good thing to chew on. It’s my hat, I can eat it if I want to.

Anyway, I need to go make sure the person who’s here right now isn’t a vet.

imageWish me a happy birthday in the comment whats-it.