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Merry Christmas!

Boots, last Christmas

Boots, last Christmas

Tiger: I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I’m so excited.

Snowboots: Me too.

Tiger: You don’t sound very excited. Is it because of what happened last year?

Snowboots: Do not bring that up!

Tiger: Fine. At least we got new toys last year. And we will this year too!

Snowboots: That’s true. Maybe I’ll get more of those white fish treats! We’re almost out, it’s getting serious.

Tiger: Maybe we’ll get more of the chicken treats too!

The Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree.

Snowboots: Meh. I don’t really like the chicken ones.

Tiger: I heard Emma saying that you’re getting a new collar for Christmas.

Snowboots: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger: What do you expect when you keep losing your collar?

Snowboots: I don’t know. Anyway, I hope we get a new toy for Christmas.

Tiger: Me too. Remember that red dot that moves around?

Snowboots: Yeah, I loved that thing before it broke.

Tiger: I hope we get another one since the old one broke.

Snowboots: Yeah. Oh, I can’t wait!

Tiger: Merry Christmas, Snowboots.

Snowboots: Merry Christmas, Tiger.


Happy Halloween!

Tiger in front of the Halloween decorations.

Tiger in front of the Halloween decorations.

Tiger: Halloween’s so scary.

Snowboots: I know.

Tiger: Why do people have wierd things on their heads and bodies on Halloween? It’s so scary!

Snowboots: I know! Everything’s so different and what’s the deal with how the humans dress?

Tiger: Remember last Halloween? And that girl in the sparkly pink dress?

Snowboots: Yeah*. And no matter how hard it is to tell who’s who on Halloween, that was definitely not Emma!

Tiger: Yup. At least this year Emma didn’t have a party like last year*. Now that was terrifying!

Snowboots: Totally! I hope next year isn’t too bad.

Tiger: Me too.

*Scared shiver

Scratching Posts and Furniture


Tiger sleeping on the scrtching post.

Tiger: I love using the scratching post. It feels so good on my claws. I can even sleep on top of it with the window open and the sun on my back.

Snowboots: I’ve always thought scratching posts are overated. The only thing it’s good for is sleeping on. I really prefer the carpet or the chair in Emma’s room for scratching.

Tiger: But the chair’s so comfy. You should sleep on it, not scratch it.

Snowboots: Eh.

Chloe: You know what would make this more interesting?

Snowboots and the chair in Emma's room

Snowboots and the chair in Emma’s room

Tiger: You startled us!

Snowboots: I thought I smelled her.

Chloe: If you knew about scratching outdoors. Just find a tree or a fence to scratch on.

Tiger: But what if the humans won’t let us outside?

Chloe: I don’t know. The humans always let me outside.

Tiger: I guess I’ll use the scratching post that’s next to the door.

Snowboots: I’ll use the carpet next to the keyboard!

Tiger: Those are near outside.


imageTiger: I love playing in the backyard. Bugs to chase, grass to eat, it’s amazing.

Snowboots: I’m really more of a front yard and down the street kinda guy. Trepassing on the stray cats’ territory? What a rush.

Tiger: Yeah, well….I have adventures too!

Snowboots: Like what? *skeptical*

Tiger: Ummm……This morning I watched two cats fighting.

imageSnowboots: I was one of those cats. And you ran away. You hid under Emma’s bed afterwards.

Tiger: Joke’s on you. I always hide under Emma’s bed.

Snowboots: So brave. *sarcastic*

Chloe: Will you two stop arguing? I’ve had way more adventures than both of you. Combined. imageMy old humans left me behind when they moved. I had to survive on my own for three days until Emma’s family found me.

Tiger and Snowboots: Wow.

Chloe: If you’ll excuse me, not that I care what you think, I’m going to go stalk the birds on the bird feeder.

Snowboots: She’s so awesome.

Tiger: I know.