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Facty Friday #12

Fact: In 1963, the first cat to go into space was a French cat named Felicette. She came back alive.

Why this fact is intersting: Who knew cats went into space?! Kind of cool to know about the first one.

How this affects cats: Doesn’t really, but it’s interesting.

Tiger’s Look

image Tiger has this look. Sometimes, when he’s not cuddly and not asleep, but he’s relaxed and sleepy, his eyes start closing but he keeps them open and he just gets The Tiger Look. I call it that because his name is Tiger and the expression looks like an actual Tiger.The picture on the left depicts Tiger doing The Tiger Look. (I recommend zooming in.) Enjoy!


It’s March 6, which means it’s TIGER AND SNOWBOOTS’S BIRTHDAY!!!! Everyone is so excited, especially as it happens to fall on the same day as a family member! ¬†Anyway, Tiger and Boots are 2 years old!!!! I can’t believe it’s been that long since they were little 8 week old kittens, when we got them. And to celebrate this special day, we are buying them a special kind of Fancy Feast with little bits of cheese in it that they LOVE!