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Happy Thanksgiving!

Me cuddling near Thanksgiving time.

Me cuddling near Thanksgiving time.

Hi, Chloe here. I know most of the time Tiger and Snowboots blog, but I’m getting into the holiday spirit. It’s getting really cold outside so I’m staying in and cuddling a lot, so I thought I’d blog cause I’m inside a lot more than I usually am. Anyway, I can’t believe Thanksgiving past without us cats getting any turkey! I mean, come on! How can we not get any turkey on Thankgiving?! Tiger and Snowboots feel the same way. I hate agreeing with them on something, but how can I not

Emma's favorite food, treacle pudding.

Emma’s favorite food, treacle pudding.

agree with them on this? Even Emma got to have her favorite food, treacle pudding.

Anyway, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


P.S. Tiger here. At least Chloe warms up to us in the cold season. 🙂

Tiger and Chloe near Thanksgiving time.

Tiger and Chloe near Thanksgiving time.

Happy Halloween!

Tiger in front of the Halloween decorations.

Tiger in front of the Halloween decorations.

Tiger: Halloween’s so scary.

Snowboots: I know.

Tiger: Why do people have wierd things on their heads and bodies on Halloween? It’s so scary!

Snowboots: I know! Everything’s so different and what’s the deal with how the humans dress?

Tiger: Remember last Halloween? And that girl in the sparkly pink dress?

Snowboots: Yeah*. And no matter how hard it is to tell who’s who on Halloween, that was definitely not Emma!

Tiger: Yup. At least this year Emma didn’t have a party like last year*. Now that was terrifying!

Snowboots: Totally! I hope next year isn’t too bad.

Tiger: Me too.

*Scared shiver