Monthly Archives: September 2014

Raining Cats and Dogs (wait, not dogs….)


Me wondering what in the world of mice is going on!


Me shaking the rain out of my fur.

Hey, Boots here. Well a couple weeks ago I was doing my normal stuff until water started falling from the sky! Tiger and I went out to investigate. We’ve only seen water falling from the sky once before. We started looking in the bushes, to see if any mice were for some reason drawn out by the rain. And guess what we found. Not a mouse. A little lizard-newt thingy I think is called a salamander. Or a malasander. Or a samalander. I’m not sure. But what is sure is how wierd rain feels on my fur. It makes me wanna shake! And guess what! It happened again a few days ago! That time Tiger got spiky fur. 🙂


P.S. I got to lick the dog food fork while all this was going on!


Me licking the dog food fork while water fell from the sky

Tiger's spiky fur

Tiger’s spiky fur

Shark Cat, Tiger here. Emma was checking her text messages while I was cuddling her and someone sent her a link to a video. It was so funny! A shark in the shape of a cat riding on the Roomba thing that eats everything on the floor! Here’s a link to it. Shark Cat.

Hope you like it,