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Hi, I’m Gromit

imageHi, I’m Gromit. I’m named after a character in the movie Wallace and Gromit. I’m bonded with a cat named Wallace.

I’m fat. I’m so fat, one time I got stuck in the cat door.

I like chasing the little red dot that moves around. It can be caught. I almost caught it once. I rolled on it, but then, it went on me.

I’m gonna go take a nap,




Hi, I’m Wallace

imageHi, I’m Wallace. I’m named after Wallace in the movie Wallace and Gromit. I’m bonded with a cat named Gromit.

I think we should get more food than we do, but our human says we’re fat and we need to be put on a diet.

I like to rest wrapped around the baby lemon tree. I also like playing with toys more than Gromit.

I need to go play now,


New Segment

Hey guys, Emma here, and I have some exciting news. I’m adding a new segment to Catbook called Meowtasticly Cute. I will post a cute cat picture every Sunday.

Hope you see it,


Hi, I’m Toga

imageHi, I’m Toga. As you can tell, I have gray fur. I’m named Toga because I was found in Saratoga.

I’ve been living with another cat, Valentina, for a long time now. I’m sad that she got killed by a car. I miss her.

My human recently got another cat since Valentina died. She’s a kitten and her name is Lucy. Naturally, I hissed at her. Since then, I’ve been giving her this look to make her uncomfortable and to show her that I don’t approve her coming to my home. But I guess I could learn to live with her.

Anyway, bye!

Hi, I’m Lucy


Me with a toy

Hi, I’m Lucia Carmelita, Lucy for short. Carmelita is part of my name because I’m from Carmel. I think. I’m 9 weeks old and female. I have a fur color that I think humans call tabby-calico. I also have a white belly with black spots on it.

When I came home from the pet store (can you believe there’s a store for pets?!), I found a dog at my new home. All she did was bark and bark and bark. I wonder why some cats are so afraid of them.

There was also another cat named Toga. He hissed at me a few times when I first got there, but now he just gives me this look.

I think I’ve been brought here to replace the other cat that used to live here, Valentina.














Hi everyone, Emma here. As you might know, I am the owner of this blog and Tiger, Snowboots, and Chloe are my cats. Anyway, I’m posting this to celebrate the life of Valentina, a cat who was recently killed by a car. 🙁 I hope you can join me in feeling sad about this.



The Catnip

Me in the catnip.

Me in the catnip.

Hey, Boots here. A while ago, Emma came home with a little bag that had green stuff in it. It smelled super great. She walked over, put on the counter, and started opening it. And then, it exploded and the green stuff fell all over the floor. It was heaven! It smelled so good, I started rolling around in it to get the smell on me.

Chloe loved it too! She rolled around in it until her white belly had little green specks all over it. I have to agree with her, it was awesome. I wonder why Tiger didn’t have any interest in it.

See you later,


Chloe in the catnip.

Chloe in the catnip.