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Hi, I’m Ace


Me cuddling on a soft blanket

Hi, I’m Ace. I live with one of Emma’s friends. I scare people a little bit but that’s just because I’m making sure they’re not vets and I’m just protecting my territory. I only act like that when other people besides my┬áhumans are around. When it’s just me and my humans, I like to cuddle. That picture is of me cuddling on a soft blanket.

That’s about me,


Facty Friday #5


This picture is from the internet

Fact: Cats have scent glands on the roof of their mouths that they use for smelling as well as their nose.

How cats use them: Cats open their mouths and draw in air.

Why is this fact interesting?: People think that cats only smell through their noses but they are wrong.

How does this affect cats?: The scent glands help them take a deep sniff of the odor.

Licking the Fork


Me licking the fork

This post is coming to you from Snowboots. I would like to tell you about the amazing adventures of eating dog food. It’s incredible!

Sorry about the intro, I was trying to make it sound dramatic. Now for the actual story.

When Garak gets food, Tiger and I get to lick the fork! The fork that’s used in mixing and mashing the food. It’s delicious! Who knew dog food would taste so good to cats. Thanks for listening to the amazing tale of the dog food. Sorry, that was dramatic.