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Hi,this is Tiger. Do you like fish? I do. Fish are yummy. If you like fish, read Fishbook! It’s a related blog, pretty much the same, but with fish! Maybe if you read it you’ll find out how yummy they are.

See you!


Facty Friday #4

imageFact: Cats’ whiskers can sense if the cat can fit though a space.

How: A cats whiskers are as long as the cat’s body is wide so, by sticking it’s head into an opening, a cat can tell if it’s too wide to fit in a space.

Why is this fact interesting?: Who knew?!

How does this affect cats?: They never get stuck!

Hi, I’m Ella.


A picture of me around the time where humans dress up in weird costumes.

Hi, I’m Ella. I live down the street from Chloe and her kitten problem with my sister Bella. Bella and I were found in a dumpster and given to a nice family with two girls. Anyway, life’s been pretty good so far. Also, our humans go away a lot and we’re left to be fed by Chloe’s humans.

Here’s what I think of Bella: Sometimes she is weird. And she is really shy. It’s kind of annoying because I’m always doing social things alone!

Anyway, bye!


Facty Friday #3

Snowboots's nose.

Snowboots’s nose.

Fact: Cats have an extremely acute sense of smell.

Why is this fact interesting?: Cats can hear a lot better than humans.

How does this affect cats?: They can smell their prey better, smell if another cat has been on their territory, smell if a human’s been on their territory, and lots of other things too.

The Bad Place Is Scary!!!!!!!

Hi, you’re listening to Tiger. I’m going to tell you about something that was the most devasting event that could happen to a cat. Snowboots and I had to spend the night at the Bad Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was horrible. Our humans dropped us off at the Place, and we were taken to a back room and had some liquid squirted in our mouths and, trust me on this one, it tasted horrible! Later we were fed it again. Eck! And we had to spend the night there! We were fed it again in the morning. Then later our humans came to pick us up and we went home and we haven’t gotten more of that digusting liquid, thank the cat godess.


Facty Friday # 2

Tiger's ears.

Tiger’s ears.

Fact: Cats can hear an octave higher than dogs.

Why is this fact interesting?: Dogs are supposed to be famous for their hearing!

How does this affect cats?: They can hear a lot of things that we can’t.

I Climb Weird Things

Me, climbing up a trampoline post with one of my humans.

Me, climbing up a trampoline post with one of my humans.

Hi, it’s Tiger. I climb weird things sometimes. I’m going to tell you what weird things I climb.

1: I climb the house plants. I break off branches, I even knock them over sometimes and spill soil everywhere.

2: I climb the legs of my humans sometimes. I just want some love and attention! Don’t blame me! I’m not doing anything bad.

3: I climb the scratching post, although it’s not a weird thing to climb. I just wanted to tell you! Hee, hee!

4: I climb the trampoline posts. What?! It’s fun! It’s a great way to sharpen my claws, although I do have a scratching post for that. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that. I get marks all over the posts from climbing them. I’d say they’re officially my territory. Also, climbing them is a great way to escape from Snowboots when he’s chasing me. Snowboots isn’t much of a climber.

Just wanted to share! See you next time!


The Kitten Olympics



Tiger and I, at the Fighting Event.

Snowboots here. I’m gonna tell you all about the The Kitten Olympics. The first day was the day when I told you about the vulture.

First event of Day 1: Fastest runner event. What we had to do was run all the way across the garden as fast we could. Tiger was up first. He walked to the starting line(which was really where the grass started). He started. ” Run, Tiger,” I shouted, “Run!” He reached the the end at 3.6 seconds. It was my turn next. I walked to the starting. No sooner had I gotten there then I was off! I could Tiger shouting something like “Go Snowboots!” but I couldn’t tell exactly what he was saying. And then I was done. Tiger came rushing up and said, “Wow, that was 2.9 seconds! Awesome!” And so I won the Fastest Runner Event.

Second event of Day 1: Bird Chasing Event. Tiger won. I couldn’t just sit there and watch a bird for that long!

Only event of Day 2: Fighting event. We tied!

So basically, we tied for the Kitten Olympics!