Tray of Boots

imageTray of Boots, anyone?

Boots: Don’t judge me, it’s comfortable.

Don’t worry, Boots, no one’s judging you. It’s adorable!!!!

Boots: Oh, oh, no cuddling, please no cuddling, oh, too late.

Cat in a Cabinet

imageCabinets are fun. So many things to explore. I’ve never been in this cabinet before. Dust in the whiskers, dust in the whiskers! Code red, people, code red!!! I’ll just shake ’em off in this trash can full of floss thingies. What’s this mysterious pipe here? I hope it’s not where the water comes from. Uh oh. Abort! Abort!

Computer Cat

imageDo you think I could be a web designer? You know, one those computer programming people. Just imagine it.  Boots, the computer programmer. It has a nice ring to it. Say in the comment thingy if you think I could be a computer programmer. CHICKEN!!!!!!

Facty Friday #13

Fact: The technical term for a cat’s hairball is a bezoar.

Why this fact is interesting?: Most people think a hairball is just a hairball, but it’s actually a bezoar.

How does this affect cats?: What their hairballs are called doesn’t really affect cats.


It’s me, the awesomest cat named Boots ever. Now give me food. Wait, wait a minute, I had a point. Oh, right. so Emma went on vacation for 2 and a half weeks to some place called Your Up. I have no idea why it’s called that, but she left her laptop behind so we could blog, but we forgot. And now that she’s back,we remembered, sooo…. Anyway, she left us in the care of her family, that wasn’t very punctual in the feeding times, but fed us more dry food than we’re allowed, so she’s forgiven. So that’s pretty much it for now, bye!

Hi, I’m Alfie

imageHi, I’m Alfie. I’m Emma’s friend’s new kitten, but not the same friend as Timmy’s human. The foster kittens made Emma’s friends want to get kittens! Anyway, I’m a 12 week old black and white tuxedo kitten from Pets In Need. I’m a very enegetic kitten, but when I’m not feeling energetic, I like sleeping in my Peaches box (A box with the word “peaches” on it that used to contain peaches) and on Mommy’s* lap. For some reason, there’s a floppy pink cat (a stuffed animal) that tries to attack me, so naturally I fight back. I’m very brave. I also like playing with my blue squouse (stuffed animal that is a mouse with squid tentacles). Uh oh, the pink cat’s on the move. Gotta go!

*Alfie seems to have accepted my friend as his mom.

I would include a video of Alfie and the pink stuffed animal, but it gives out too much personal information. Just imagine Alfie puffing up his fur and laying his ears back as the the pink cat moves towards him. 😉